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We use an income-based sliding scale to determine the fee for a 2-hour mediation.

We are here to help our community, and if the cost is too much for you to afford a mediation, please contact us, we can still help.

If you are looking to make a payment for one of our services, visit our payments page.

Mediation (2 hours)

Annual Income Fee
$0-25k $50
$25-50k $100
$50-85k $150
$85-100k $200
$100-150k $250
$150-200k $350
$200-250k+ $450
Regarding couples: If you combine your incomes, we use the total income to determine fees. If your incomes are separate, we ask you each to pay according to their separate incomes, and we take your word for it.  
Annual Income

$0-25k, $25-50k, $50-85k, $85-100k, $100-150k, $150-200k, $200-250k+

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